Outbound Messaging Service


Ecom6 understands that communication with clients both existing and prospective is a key to business continuity and the fact that all people are different in their preference to communicate with available methods such as email, letter, social media and text.


The self installable software automatically selects the cheapest way of contacting your clients which utilises email, text and post. The Ecom6 post is a fully secure online solution and operates as a pay-as-you-go service. To use the service simply upload a letter as a word document or PDF, enter single addresses or upload your addresses via a CSV or Excel file, select your printing options, preview your mailing and send! No printing, no stuffing and no stamps.


Automatically generated payment reminders can be generated via the system which can be linked to your back office accounting system


The bulk text option is designed for use in campaigns and announcements, and can help to reduce communication costs.

Bulk Targeted messages

Ecom6 will enable you to send targeted campaigns to your clients . It will filter your selected groups to ensure the most cost effective channel of communication is sent – a SMS or a letter if no mobile number is available.

Least Cost Routing

Ecom6 post has a unique facility that will automatically find the cheapest way to send your message to your clients. This can be via an Email (free)- Text (6p) – Letter (52p)


Ecom6 sorts through your chosen contact list and will send emails and texts to as many clients as possible at zero cost and send a text or letter to the remaining clients at less than half the cost of normal post. Everyone gets your message , Ecom6 finds the cheapest way to deliver it.