Integration Services

Sometimes just taking a payment isn’t enough, you need to link that payment through to the transaction that generated it, whether an invoice, customer account, ticket or any other information.


Whilst most Payment Service Providers leave this up to you, at Ecom6 we can help make the task of linking into your systems easier, tying into accounting or booking systems to ensure you know about your customer payments as soon as they happen, for example:


  • - Linking to your accounting system to know when new invoices have been issued
  • - Linking to your booking system to reserve tickets and ensure availability
  • - Informing your order processing system that a customers deposit has been paid
  • - ...and countless others


We can provide your customer with several ways to pay, online, via telephone or even via regular scheduled payments and keep you up to date with payment information regardless of which route your customer chose.


Whether you need to integrate with industry standard software such as Sage Accounts, FreeAgent, Xero or industry specific systems such as ZatPark (Parking Enforcement) and Debtsolv (Debt Management), we can provide the services.


Or perhaps you have your own in-house system? We can provide bespoke integration services to inform you of customer payments in real time.



Outbound Messaging Service

Ecom6 understands that communication with clients both existing and prospective is a key to business continuity and the fact that all people are different in their preference to communicate with available methods such as email, letter, social media and text.

The self installable software automatically selects the cheapest way of contacting your clients which utilises email, text and post. The Ecom6 post is a fully secure online solution and operates as a pay-as-you-go service. To use the service simply upload a letter as a word document or PDF, enter single addresses or upload your addresses via a CSV or Excel file, select your printing options, preview your mailing and send! No printing, no stuffing and no stamps.

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