IVR Payment Solutions

Be available to your customers every minute of every day


IVR's (Interactive Voice Response) are fully automated solutions for accepting payments by telephone. They allow you to take card payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Traditionally, collecting payments over the telephone requires staff manually handling calls from the public. Not only is this an expensive service to operate, you also have the limitation of only collecting payments in office hours and the number of transactions is limited by the number of staff answering the telephones.


Our fully automated system allows the following services:


  • - Payment collections 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • - Fully automated with no human interaction
  • - Process multiple payments simultaneously
  • - A fixed cost per transaction – no wage bills or staff issues
  • - Full transaction and collections reports automatically delivered by emails
  • - Receipts sent to the customer by text
  • - Fully customisable payment amounts


Our automated telephone payments service collects payments by guiding the customer through entering their credit or debit card details over the telephone. The service includes voice recording for future validation and receipts sent by SMS text to the caller's mobile phone.


Full reports are automatically created and returned to you, enabling your systems to be fully updated with all transaction information


Our system is fully PCI/DSS compliant

Additional features

Automated Outbound Voice Messages

Ideal for both marketing and debt collection, fully automated and managed via our self-service web portal.

Outbound SMS Marketing

Fully automated through our web portal with customised messages.

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